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CDM 2015 Awareness & Workshops        £185.00 - £550.00 + VAT

This interactive 1 to 3-day course provides CDM awareness during the initial morning session which includes a knowledge assessment comprising of 25 multi-choice questions followed by workshops for each duty holder that take you; step-by-step; through the HSE guidance document. The workshops will see delegates taking on the role of one of the duty holders as appropriate for a given scenario and when taken as the complete 3-day package is aimed at providing a platform from which everyone can experience the interaction between each party throughout the whole of the construction period. Duration is dependent on your requirements.


Learning outcomes;


  • The Hierarchy of Health and Safety Legislation
  • Why the Regulations came into being a brief history
  • Who the duty holders are
  • Understanding the general duties that apply to all
  • Detailed look at the duty holders’ responsibilities
  • Understanding the interaction between all parties
  • Assessment by multi choice test
  • Practical assessment through workshops

'Just 5 Steps' - Risk Management              £75.00 + VAT

This 1 day course aims to provide a platform where delegates of all levels can attain an understanding of health and safety legislation; of why risk assessments are a legal requirement and what the benefits are not just to the corporate entities; managers and shareholders but to the individual employees and their families. The course encourages interaction between delegates by promoting discussion of individual experiences and seeks to enhance the reputation of H&S and dispel some of the myths.


Learning outcomes;


  • Understanding of the 5 steps
  • Understanding the need
  • What is a Hazard?
  • What is a Risk?
  • Calculating the Risk
  • Levels of control
  • Need for review
  • Implementing change
  • Engaging with those affected

Confined Space Awareness                         £45.00 + VAT

This half day course is designed to provide delegates with sufficient knowledge for them to identify the dangers associated with confined space working; thereby preventing them from entering a potentially unsafe area. It should be noted that the course is NOT a substitute for suitable accredited training which provides permits to delegates for confined space entry.


Learning outcomes;


  • Awareness
  • Definition of a Confined Space
  • Identification and Classification
  • Hazards
  • Risk Assessment
  • Personal hygiene, biological agents and diseases
  • Responsibilities
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Reporting accidents, ill health and other incidents

Manual Handling                                         £45.00 + VAT

An interactive half day course suitable for people at all levels whose carry out manual handling whilst undertaking their daily duties at work.


The course uses the latest statistics and HSE guidance documents and gives a detailed explanation of how to avoid injury to the individuals and the consequences of unsafe actions.


Learning outcomes;


  • Understanding the reasons for control
  • Responsibilities
  • Causes of Injury
  • Prevention
  • Lifting techniques
  • Planning the lift
  • Mechanical lifting devices

Fire Marshal Training                                  £45.00 + VAT

This interactive half day course is designed to provide all those who have the responsibility for the safe evacuation of buildings and workplaces.


The delegates will gain and understanding of the Regulatory Fire Order 2015 and study case history of actual events.


Learing outcomes;


  • Understanding of the Regulatory Fire Order 2015
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Sources of the 3 elements required for a fire to occur
  • What is considered to be a safe system
  • Brief overview of the selection of fire equipment
  • Duties of a fire marshal
  • How to conduct a safe evacuation

Working at Heights                                     £45.00 + VAT

An interactive half day course suitable for people at all levels whose job may require them to be working at height. The course uses the latest guidance documents and gives an equipment overview.


Emphasises the importance of being responsible for one’s own actions in protecting oneself and others who may be affected by what you do.


Learning outcomes;


  • Understanding what ‘working at height’ means
  • Understanding the hierarchy of legislation and guidance
  • What the consequences are of getting it wrong
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Assessing the risk and what to consider
  • Types of equipment and making the right choice

DSEAR Awareness Training                              £50 + VAT

An interactive half day course suitable for people at all levels who carry out work which involves the handling or production of dangerous substances. 


The course uses the latest HSE guidance documents and gives a detailed explanation of how to avoid injury to the individuals, the use of safe equipment and the consequences of unsafe actions.


Learning outcomes


  • Understand the definition of Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres
  • Understand the meaning of Identification and Classification
  • Understand the hazards associated with DSEAR
  • How DSEAR Risk Assessment are set out
  • Understand the responsibilities associated with DSEAR
  • Reporting accidents, ill health and other incidents

COSHH Awareness & Principals                       £50 + VAT

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